10 Genius Home Gadgets on Sale for Less Than $50 This Prime Day


Are you feeling that in the air? The feeling of good deals surrounding you? Welcome to Amazon Prime Day 2020. 

Some of this year’s best deals include incredible price cuts on comfortable bras, beauty tools, and clothing. And while those are great, some of the most life-changing finds are tucked away in the thousands of pages that make up this huge event. But don’t worry: We scoured the sale and found clever things that will absolutely make your day. We’re talking about shiatsu massagers that you can use while working from home, sleek and advanced water filters that’ll outlast your current models, and reusable storage bags that you can utilize as a eco-friendly alternative to plastic ones. 

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The best thing about these items—aside from the incredible use you’ll get out of them—is that today, they’re all on sale for less than $50. Some of them are even more than half-off. But just like all good things, good deals must come to an end, too. And though Prime Day just started, it’s finishing tomorrow just before midnight PT.

Read more about these genius gadgets and gizmos and add them to your cart at discounted prices before it’s too late. 

Naipo Shiatsu Neck Back Massager

The stress that comes from working at home (or in the office) can really tense up your body. But it’s not the most realistic thing to go out and get massages every week. Instead, you can bring muscle relief into your home with this top-rated back and neck massager. You can place it against your desk chair or your couch for a quick massage anytime you need it. Usually, this budget-friendly find is just under $50, but right now you can get it for less than $25. It’s an absolute steal of a deal that will leave you feeling refreshed and relieved. 

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