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How Working From Home Hurt The Wealthy

While lockdown has punished the mental health of many, few have paused to think about their bosses. But experts and research now show how working from home has taken its toll on business leaders, celebrities, and the wealthy. And it is only going to get worse.

“We had people coming to us who started with social drinking and then ended up with one bottle of vodka a day,” says Marta Ra, CEO of Paracelsus Recovery.

Alcoholism is just one of the affects lockdown has had on her clients, who include some of the wealthiest business leaders and celebrities in the world. “When you’re a CEO and you order around all your subordinates and now you’re sitting at home? Some people are really struggling with that because their ego is not nurtured enough.

“They’re used to having a whole armada or group of people reporting to

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