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D.C. flooding: D.C. Water offers financial assistance after flooding

“What really happened to all of our basements?” she said. “What caused this immense amount of sewage that came out of our toilet and our shower?”

D.C. Water officials tried to explain the mess during a community videoconference call Wednesday evening. The utility also offered financial help for homeowners struggling to clean up, referring to the downpour as a “100-year storm event.”

Climate change is causing more short, high-intensity storms, the utility said. D.C.’s century-old water system is aging and stressed by development. Plans for green infrastructure and an overflow tunnel would help prevent flooding but are not yet online. And the existing, 124-million-gallon Anacostia River Tunnel — running seven miles from RFK Stadium to the Blue Plains wastewater treatment plant — filled in about 35 minutes.

“Even when our system was working to its maximum capacity, it just could not accommodate this event,” said Kishia L. Powell, D.C. Water’s

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Max Collins shares home water birth experience

Two months after giving birth to her and husband Pancho Magno’s first child, Max Collins recalled for fans her home water birth experience. 

On her latest vlog, she started by sharing how she suddenly started getting contractions at around three in the morning on July 6. Feeling so much pain, it was then she realized it was time. 

Thankfully, there’s a cellphone app that helped her monitor her contraction.

Because of the scare brought about by the pandemic, Max had to give birth at  home and she started “slightly panicking.”

With the help of her husband they started getting everything ready, including inflating the pool she is to use, filling it up with water. 

“He tried to make the room very spa-like with candles and a diffuser and just make it all really nice except we forgot one thing — that our blinds don’t really cover the light so it

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Water Cooler: DIY home improvement shows making ripples on YouTube

Home renovation and do-it-yourself shows have made their way to a variety of networks, but you can find even more of them on Youtube. Watch renovation journeys, learn how to do renovations yourself, and even revisit past episodes of your favorite renovation shows. Here are a few to check out.

Wabi Sab – E

Hannah Cook and Elliot Wajchendler spent years renovating a 3-bedroom, 100-year-old farmhouse that sits on an idyllic rolling hill in Nova Scotia, Canada. They had a lot of horsehair plaster to peel off and interior structures to remove in order to reveal and modernize the home’s charming characteristics. They found gorgeous hand-hewn beams, a cozy brick fireplace and other gems. The best part about watching their journey is that because it isn’t a full-scale television production, you get to enjoy the intimacy of their entire renovation journey without any fluff. All of the real life frustrations,

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