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Home Improvement Loans | Compare loans with Uswitch

Comparing and choosing the right home improvement loans for you needs can be tricky – it’s best to decide exactly what they will be used for, how much interest you will incur doing so, and the best home improvement loans available.

Home improvement loans

Compare both secured and unsecured loans for home improvements with Uswitch.

Home improvement loans

Different types of home improvement loans

When it comes to financing home improvements, consumers should assess the pros and cons of taking out a secured or unsecured loan, to make sure they’re getting the best deal for them.

Secured loans are loans secured against your property, which means that the bank or building society providing it can repossess your home if you fail to meet the repayments schedule.

Unsecured or personal loans depend far more on your personal circumstances, but offer a narrower timeframe for repayments and, usually, less money.
When you’re

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