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North Carolina has $35 million in unused nursing home fines

This article first appeared on North Carolina Health News and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

Federal regulators can fine North Carolina nursing homes upward of a half-million dollars when facilities go seriously wrong — as in the case of a Fayetteville resident who died after staff found her with fire ants covering her face and upper body.

The deadly 2019 incident described in state records brought a fine of more than $530,000 against Carolina Rehab Center of Cumberland. Federal law mandates that the fines, amounting to $35 million in N.C., must be used to improve quality of life for nursing home residents through grants to facilities and agencies.

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Fines levied after an investigation into the fire-ant attack went into state coffers set up for this purpose, into a pot that bulges larger year after year and puts North Carolina third highest in such totals nationally.

But why

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