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Urgent Improvements Needed to COVID Testing


3 “Strong Buy” Healthcare Stocks With Major Catalysts Approaching

Reflecting the ultimate risk and reward, healthcare stocks are capable of delivering big returns at what feels like the drop of a hat, but investors need to be prepared for big risk, too.Unlike companies in other sectors, the survival of many healthcare players, especially when they are in the early stages, hinges on only clinical trials of their therapies or products in development and regulatory rulings, with updates on either front acting as catalysts that can send shares in either direction.So, any piece of good news can propel shares to sky-high levels. Disappointing outcomes, however, can send investors running for the hills.Given the inherently volatile nature of the space, due diligence is necessary before making investment decisions. That’s where the Wall Street pros can lend a hand, as they know the ins and outs of the industry.Bearing this in mind,

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PMQs: Rayner urges Johnson to ‘get some skates on’ with Covid testing improvements before ‘winter crisis’

Boris Johnson has been told to urgently protect care homes from coronavirus by improving the testing regime and providing PPE ahead of winter, when the NHS is expected to struggle.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner, in her first Prime Minister’s Questions, urged Mr Johnson to “get some skates on” before a “winter crisis hits” the UK’s care homes.

She said the UK is “staring down the barrel of a second wave” and care home workers are “still not getting the PPE they need, they’re still not getting the testing they need.”

The care sector has been severely hit by the coronavirus crisis, with over 20,000 residents having died with the illness.

Ms Rayner added: “I urge the Prime Minister to get on top of this problem now before the winter crisis hits.

“The Prime Minister has put his faith in Operation Moonshot, but meanwhile on planet Earth there

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