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Renovate with paint and save big bucks

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From tackling weekend DIY projects to transforming furniture you already own, there are many ways to make big changes on a small budget.

Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore colour and design expert, shares three tips for refreshing your home on a budget.

Beautiful DIY kitchen upgrades: “Transform your kitchen without the cost of a full renovation by repainting kitchen cabinets. Easily achieve a completely new look in a weekend by repainting your upper or lower cabinets,” says Grech.

Not ready to commit to repainting all your cabinets? “Paint the cabinets on just your kitchen island a bold colour to make this the focal point of the room and transform the look and feel of your whole kitchen.”

Don’t replace, repaint: “Instead of replacing wooden furniture, repaint it to give your home a revamp. From wooden chairs to coffee tables and dressers, you can easily update furniture yourself to give

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How to go green at home and save green in your wallet | Editor’s Pick

(BPT) — Taking steps to live a greener lifestyle at home not only can help protect the environment, but it can improve the comfort in your home and help save money, too. According to a study conducted by the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), 41% of Americans want to buy green products for their home. Strategic home feature upgrades and smart habits can help save on utility bills, reduce your water and carbon footprints, and potentially benefit your budget long term.

We have all found ourselves with a little more time at home recently and may have time for some small DIY projects. Fortunately, green home improvements don’t have to be difficult. Here are five ideas to make your home more sustainable and help save money:

1. Install a rain water barrel

Watering a lawn and garden is essential to the health of the landscape, but running water for hours

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Weary of cooking? Here’s how to save money and add fun


A discount grocery store like Aldi is worth a trip if you’re cooking more than usual and money is tight.

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One good thing that has come out of the pandemic is that more people have been flexing their culinary skills. Whether you’re making an effort to minimize your footprint in grocery stores, avoiding dine-in establishments, or working from home and have some time on your hands without a commute, you may be among the masses who have taken up the fine art of cooking. Here are a few ideas to get creative in the kitchen.

Recipe exchange

This tradition has once again risen in popularity as people look for new things to make for their families. Apps like Allrecipes or Tasty are great ways to access an online network of recipes you can share, or start one of your own with friends and family through your favorite chat

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