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Ameriprise Insurance review: Car, home and life

A well-established financial institution, Ameriprise also offers auto, home and life insurance policies. It sells standard policies at middle-of-the-road rates. Ameriprise recently sold its home and auto insurance business to American Family Insurance. According to American Family, “The acquisition brings together two Wisconsin companies with similar cultures, values and customer focus.”

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cars in a driveway in a suburban neighborhood

Ameriprise auto insurance

Ameriprise gives drivers the standard selection of auto insurance coverage and discount options plus a few nice extras such as glass repair and stolen key coverage.


  • Comprehensive and collision coverage: Collision coverage pays for repairs in an accident, while comprehensive coverage applies to other types of damage or vehicle theft.
  • Liability: Liability insurance protects you if you cause damage to another driver’s car or physical injuries in a collision.
  • Rental car: You’re covered when driving a rental car.
  • Rideshare: Rideshare coverage is for
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2021 Acura TLX Review: Subtle Changes, Big Improvements | News

Acura gets you, America — they know you’ve given up on sedans in favor of SUVs. But that doesn’t mean they’re giving up on you, especially since 30% of buyers still want a traditional sedan, according to the company. Acura also realizes that this means sedan buyers are now a much more focused group with specific vehicle desires that they’re not seeing fulfilled in today’s SUVs.

It’s for them that the company has redesigned and repositioned its latest TLX luxury sports sedan — people who are specifically seeking a sports sedan for themselves and maybe one other person in their lives, not a family hauler that sometimes needs to be an entertaining ride. The new TLX is first and foremost a driver-oriented sports sedan, with Acura’s newfound focus a pleasing gamble for people who still like sitting low in a vehicle.

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Quicken Loans: Mortgage Rates Review 2020

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Quicken Loans: Pros and Cons


Generally speaking, there are three main areas where Quicken excels: variety of mortgage products, customer satisfaction, and online service. Quicken is also first in the country in mortgage originations by volume, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Quicken’s wide variety of loan products include conventional fixed-rate mortgages, government-backed VA, FHA, and USDA loans, and refinancing. In terms of customer sentiment, J.D. Power has ranked Quicken highest in mortgage origination satisfaction for 10 consecutive years. Finally, Quicken’s simple mortgage application process can be completed with any of their representatives over the phone or through its Rocket Mortgage online service.



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Quicken will fall short for potential borrowers who prefer face-to-face interactions. The company does not have physical branches, so customers will need to complete mortgage processes online or over the phone. Further, although Quicken Loans does offer

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‘The Devil All the Time’ Review: Down-Home Livin’ and Dyin’

It’s a mystery where Robert Pattinson picked up the eccentric nasal whine that he (amusingly) deploys in “The Devil All the Time.” Pattison plays one of those bad preachers who ride through certain deep-fried fictions, the smooth talkers with scripture on their forked tongues and sin in their withered hearts. Sometimes these devious souls have “love” and “hate” tattooed on their fingers (or at least once watched Robert Mitchum’s unholy man in the 1955 noir “The Night of the Hunter”). However wicked, these bad men of the cloth invariably embody religious hypocrisy.

No one is up to any good in “Devil,” a leisurely wallow in the kind of flamboyant evil that some filmmakers just can’t quit, won’t quit. The preacher, Rev. Preston Teagardin, is the least of this story’s ills. By the time he does his worst, knuckles have been bloodied, bullets fired, a dog sacrificed and a man tortured,

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Allstate Home Insurance Review 2020

Pros Explained

  • Wide range of coverage and policies: Allstate offers coverage to protect a homeowner’s home and belongings, including a suite of optional coverage. 
  • Available in all states: Allstate homeowners insurance is available nationwide, meaning it’s easy to find a policy that suits your needs, no matter where in the U.S. you live. 
  • Offers both in-person and online customer service tools: Allstate provides a variety of ways to contact it, including in person, online, by telephone, and via its mobile app. 

Cons Explained

  • Agent experience varies: Because Allstate employs a range of people who act as agents, customer service may vary, including factors such as responsiveness. 
  • Online quotes not always available: In some zip codes, you can’t get a quote online, so you’ll need to contact an agent for more information. 

Allstate Standard Home Insurance Coverage Plan

When you purchase a homeowners insurance policy with Allstate, rest assured that you’re

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Hedley & Bennett review: sturdy aprons used by chefs

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hedley and bennett apron review 7

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  • Hedley & Bennett is an apron and chef’s gear brand created by a former line cook who hated the cheap and flimsy aprons used in professional kitchens. 
  • By contrast, Hedley & Bennett’s aprons are made from durable, breathable, beautiful materials, with thoughtful details like large, two-layered pockets, reinforced straps, and brass hardware. 
  • We tried two aprons and one work shirt from the brand and loved the quality of construction and attractive look. 
  • See also: MagicLinen cross-back apron review


When shopping for your kitchen, it’s easy to get caught up in what cookware and kitchen appliances to buy, or which cookbooks to stock your shelf with. But you can’t forget about the simple accessories that have a big impact on your cooking experience.

Take, for example, the humble and hardworking apron. 


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Polk Audio Signa S3 review: solid audio upgrade with Chromecast

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Polk Soundbar

Tyler Hayes/Business Insider

  • The Polk Signa S3 soundbar with wireless subwoofer provides improved audio performance over most built-in TV speakers.
  • Though the 2.1-channel soundbar can get quite loud, its physical size is small enough to fit under most displays.
  • The S3 comes in at $250, which provides solid value for the audio performance and features you get, but the device is missing integrated digital assistant support and surround sound.
  • Going beyond movies and shows, the Signa S3 can also function as a music speaker using Chromecast audio or Bluetooth.

Though built-in speakers on TVs have improved somewhat over the last few years, most displays are still lacking in the audio department. This is usually a result of the thinness of modern TVs squeezing out the physical room that quality speakers need.

As a solution,

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