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Renovation, reimagined – This hot company is your reno one-stop shop

You’re spending a lot more time at home. And you’ve reached the point where you can’t turn a blind eye anymore. It’s time to renovate the bathroom. Or the kitchen. Or maybe both.

But where do you begin? There are a hundred decisions to be made. How do you find contractors you can trust? How do you choose from the seemingly endless options for tile, flooring, fixtures and colors—and where will you find the time to hunt them down? Will you need an architect, what about permits and approvals? And how long will you have to live in construction-project hell?  

Block Renovation, a young Brooklyn-based company, can answer all these questions and more for too-busy-to-figure-it-all-out clients in NYC and environs, with plans to grow beyond those boundaries. Block’s platform has turned the proverbial nightmare of renovation into a predictable experience of ease, speed, reliability and head-turning results. The idea is

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Home Spaces Reimagined Due To Pandemic

When people have lots of time on their hands, they tend to get creative. 

That has certainly been true during the pandemic when DIY projects have become super popular, with home improvement stores seeing a boost in sales. Sheltering in place has inspired many homeowners on Long Island to reimagine and improve the look and function of their dwellings. 

Working from home and remote learning have meant that families have had to create dedicated spaces in a jiffy, while some parents have been busy repurposing rooms, attics, and basements for their grown kids, who were suddenly leaving college dorms and city pads and moving back home. 

According to a recent survey of nearly 1,000 U.S. homeowners on Houzz, 70 percent reported reported they were thinking about making changes that could help them enjoy

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