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Pandemic drives kitchen remodeling projects

People are “forced to be home” and are “sick of their kitchens,” said Alicia Molenaar, a designer and co-owner of Kitchen Fair in Willmar.

During the pandemic, Kitchen Fair has been swamped with requests from customers looking for a new look and ways to improve functionality and efficiency in their kitchens. “We are really busy,” Molenaar said.

While updating paint or adding a colorful backsplash can be handled by a weekend do-it-yourselfer, a kitchen makeover can benefit from a professional designer.

The process begins with taking measurements of an existing kitchen space and an interview with the homeowner to find out how they use their kitchen, how many people typically cook there at one time and what they want in terms of style and functionality.

Giving a kitchen a new look can be as simple as installing new hardware – where the trend is for larger handles that can fit

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Helping homeowners with remodeling projects

National Review

Catholic Group Launches $9.7 Million Anti-Biden Campaign in Battleground States

A Catholic group is launching a multi-million dollar effort to educate Catholic voters in key battleground states about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s “anti-Catholic record and policy agenda” ahead of the general election in November.CatholicVote, a national Catholic political advocacy group, on Tuesday announced the $9.7 million campaign to discourage Catholics from voting for Biden. The organization is producing an “in-depth report on Biden’s record on issues Catholics care about,” including a shortened “voter guide” version, that it plans to send to five million Catholic voters. The effort will also kick off with a $350,000 digital ad buy in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.The group’s new effort, which involves full-time staff in six states and thousands of volunteers, will reach voters through digital advertising, parish-by-parish canvassing, direct mail, and “get out the vote” efforts in six

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‘Staycations’ bring on home improvement projects | News

Home improvement projects can be done almost any time of year, but as the season begins to transition, people are looking to fix up the interiors and prepare for the cold winter.

WCH Home Improvement owner George Howard said he is staying occupied these days, doing minor renovations, repairs, and winterizing, too.

“I may be fixing a roof one day, and doing a bathroom the next,” said Howard.

He said many people are looking to spruce up their homes, especially since they are spending more time in them.

“I’m painting walls and adding laminate flooring, building decks and add-ons,” said Howard. “It’s a good time to seal your decks. Wintertime is really hard on wood.”

Laura Young, Zenith Construction and Homes by Zenith co-owner, said they have been seeing a lot of home improvement projects this year, as well – and for the same reasons.

“Many people are at home,

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Increase of Home Improvement Projects have been seen during Pandemic

COLLEGE STATION, TX — The global pandemic we are currently living through has placed many things on hold, but home improvements have been going through the roof.

Many people have been tackling home improvement projects while they’ve been isolating. Before conducting any construction at your home, it is encouraged to see if your updates require a permit from the city.

Local Ace Hardware Owner Randy Scott says he has seen an increase of homeowners looking to improve their home, that’s usually when Brian Binford with the City of College Station comes into the picture. Binford’s job includes performing building inspections and issuing different types of permits.

A few examples of home improvements that you will need a permit for are, water heater replacements, enclosing a garage, home additions and replacing windows.

Randy Scott says there are also other types of upgrades where permits are required, such as electrical and mechanical

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Lowe’s e-commerce makeover came just in time for new home projects

  • According to Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison, the company has invested extensively in e-commerce since he took the helm in 2018.
  • That e-commerce overhaul — which saw the company prioritize its new store app and a shift to the cloud — couldn’t have happened at a better time.
  • The coronavirus pandemic has seen consumers rely heavily on online shopping, as many look to complete projects around their homes.
  • Ellison and Lowe’s CFO David Denton spoke Wednesday at the annual Goldman Sachs Global Retailing Virtual Conference.
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Lowe’s’ long-awaited e-commerce revamp came at just the right time for the company to reap the rewards of the surge in home improvement spending during the coronavirus pandemic, according to CEO Marvin Ellison.

Upon taking the helm of the home-improvement retailer in 2018, Ellison said that he found the company lacked a “robust and dynamic e-commerce platform.” Since taking

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Millennial homeowners have done the most home improvement projects during extra time spent in the house

Millennials are getting handier around the home since lockdown measures began, according to new research.

In fact, a poll of 2,000 homeowners found that compared to other generations, millennials have been the busiest, with 81 percent having tackled a home improvement project since March.

Conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Bernzomatic, a manufacturer of handheld blowtorches, the survey examined the various home improvement projects American homeowners completed while stay-at-home orders have been in effect — and looked at why they’ve taken them on.


For 65 percent of those polled, a project was done to save money while 49 percent simply needed something to keep themselves busy while being in lockdown.

Overall, the average homeowner has already attempted four different home improvement projects since March — guesstimating a savings of over $160 just by trying a project themselves.

All this, without the help of an outside contractor (47 percent opted

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Sound Off: What remodeling projects or improvements add the most value to a home?


Q: “What remodeling projects or improvements add the most value to a home?“

A: There are two ways to look at this question. Is the remodeling for yourself and your enjoyment or for resale? Of course, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a beautiful kitchen remodel will always stand out to buyers.

We recently saw a home in Walnut Creek that was almost eighty years old attract seventeen offers, because it had a beautiful, spacious and contemporary kitchen with all the bells and whistles. If you

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Increase in home improvement projects nationwide during pandemic

NATIONAL (CBS NEWSPATH) – The pandemic has been difficult for many businesses, but those involved with home improvement are thriving.

When the pandemic started, the Levyn family found themselves at home more. They decided to renovate the backyard, including a new deck. “You want where you live, if you have to work there and if you have young children, you want it to be as lovely as it can possibly be,” Allison Levyn says.

The Levyn’s hired a local company, MG Construction & Decks. “Business has been crazy. It is really good,” says co-owner Melissa Gabso.

A Consumer Specialists survey found 57% of homeowners made improvements this spring. And plenty of people are doing it themselves, which is driving up sales at hardware stores. Home Depot recently posted

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The best credit cards for home-improvement projects

This page includes information about the Discover it® Cash Back product, which is currently not available on Business Insider and may be out of date.

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  • If you’re sprucing up your space, make sure to think long and hard about how you’ll pay for the project.
  • Covering for your home or landscaping remodel with a credit card can yield some significant benefits, including 0% APR, cash back, or travel rewards. 

  • Some of the best rewards credit cards let you earn a significant sign-up bonus as well, which can
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