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Egypt- Planning Minister approves additional EGP 100m for Aswan-Al-Alaqi Road improvements

(MENAFN – Daily News Egypt) Egypt’s Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala El-Said has approved an additional budget of EGP 100m for the Ministry of Transport to start raising the efficiency of the Aswan-Al-Alaqi Road.

The road, which runs for a total length of 150 km, has already been granted EGP 560m in funds for its development.

El-Said made note of the economic importance of the transportation sector, with transport networks of all kinds considered economic lifelines. She also said that these networks link production centres with consumer markets, whilst also ensuring that production sites can obtain the required raw materials and operating requirements.

She pointed out that the transport sector’s output is important for production in many commodity and service sectors, such as the trade, extractive and manufacturing sectors.

The minister said that a country’s productivity highlights the importance of a sound and efficient transportation sector. Improving transportation

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Planning a home renovation? Here’s how to make sure you profit from it

How your space functions and feels matters now more than ever, especially if your new norm is an everything-at-home lifestyle; work, play and living. And, by this point in the pandemic, if your space isn’t optimal, you’ve probably exhausted all the furniture- and room-rearranging options available to you. So naturally, if you own, home improvements aimed at increasing the livability and workability of your space are probably on your mind.

Whether it’s a long-planned or pandemic-induced renovation, here’s how to do the math on it.

Begin with the final market value in mind

Before you start breaking up the concrete in your basement in an effort to level out the floor, you’ll want to compare listings and sale prices of properties that are, and are not, upgraded (for condos and townhouses, too). Some of this information can be found online, and your realtor, if you have one, can fill in

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Tips for Kitchen Remodel Planning | Home Guides

Few remodeling projects are as gratifying — or as frustrating — as a kitchen renovation. Designing a new space is challenging, at best. And knowing that the results will be well worth it doesn’t change the fact that demolition and construction are disruptive. Ease the transition from drab old kitchen to beautiful new one by following a few basic tips for kitchen remodel planning.

Think in Terms of Work Zones

Most of use use our kitchens for a variety of tasks: cooking and cleanup, dining, work and homework, charging phones and media players, hobbies, entertaining. Due, perhaps, to the evolution of kitchen as the heart and brain of the home, the “work triangle” theory of kitchen design has morphed into a new theory that takes into account work zones — areas devoted to and designed for specific tasks.

Plan Enough Countertops

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, you

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