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Photo of kid working from home is “a total mood”

Many adults have had to adapt to the frustrations of working from home during the pandemic — and kids are being asked to do the same. But learning from home can be stressful for young people, and a viral photo posted by one Arizona mom captures what a lot of families are dealing with. 

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Concern grows over impact of COVID-19 pandemic on children’s mental health



The photo, first shared on Twitter August 7 by writer Kara McDowell, shows her 5-year-old son lying across a chair, seemingly exasperated during a session of remote schooling. 


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“My Kindergartner on a 40 minute video call is a total mood,” McDowell wrote in the caption — one that resonated with many.

The photo was relatable to many because no matter how old you are, working from home or learning from home isn’t always

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