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Best oil sprayers and misters for home chefs

Over- or under-oiling your dishes is the surest way to ruin you food. If you’ve ever accidentally dumped way too much olive oil on your roasted fish, or sprayed your whole kitchen with a sticky store-bought aerosol oil can when trying to make pancakes, you know this to be true. It may be time to invest in an oil mister/sprayer.

a hand holding a bowl of food on a table: Spray it on thick.

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Spray it on thick.

With more control over your oil use, sprayers are not just a decadent tool—they can help you stick to a healthier diet, and make your food taste better. We found some great options for the dedicated home chef, to perfect their cooking, baking and grilling.

a close up of a bottle: Fan pattern coats food.

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Fan pattern coats food.

This sprayer has a bold, sleek ergonomic design and boasts a fan pattern sprayer which helps propel and coat foods evenly. With 1.35ml of oil per spray,

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