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Ameriprise Insurance review: Car, home and life

A well-established financial institution, Ameriprise also offers auto, home and life insurance policies. It sells standard policies at middle-of-the-road rates. Ameriprise recently sold its home and auto insurance business to American Family Insurance. According to American Family, “The acquisition brings together two Wisconsin companies with similar cultures, values and customer focus.”

a car parked in front of a house: cars in a driveway in a suburban neighborhood

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cars in a driveway in a suburban neighborhood

Ameriprise auto insurance

Ameriprise gives drivers the standard selection of auto insurance coverage and discount options plus a few nice extras such as glass repair and stolen key coverage.


  • Comprehensive and collision coverage: Collision coverage pays for repairs in an accident, while comprehensive coverage applies to other types of damage or vehicle theft.
  • Liability: Liability insurance protects you if you cause damage to another driver’s car or physical injuries in a collision.
  • Rental car: You’re covered when driving a rental car.
  • Rideshare: Rideshare coverage is for
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Nature-Inspired Decor Ideas To Make Winter Pandemic Life More Bearable

The first fall chill in the air is a reminder that the garden and park life we’ve been enjoying is about to make way for the stay-home life. COVID numbers are rising again, and we know that indoors gatherings are part of the problem, so we’ll likely be doing some version of what we did back in spring, and spending a lot more time with members of our own household at home.

We haven’t forgotten that awful feeling we had in March and April, before the weather warmed up, of being trapped indoors. So many of us are now looking for ways to make our home feel cozy and nurturing for the winter months. One way to go from cabin fever to cabin chic is to bring the outdoors in. Try introducing some of these nature-inspired ideas into your family living space.

Plant life

Growing house plants makes life more

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Titans’ Kevin Byard delivers baby in bathtub for catch of his life


SportsPulse: At USA TODAY Sports we are tracking if home-field advantage will even be a factor for NFL teams this season. Our reporters who were on scene at the top games this weekend share what the atmosphere was like for them and the teams given the unprecedented circumstances.


They just couldn’t make it to the hospital, Kevin Byard said.

So on Aug. 23, a day before their baby’s due date, the Titans safety had to deliver his newborn son at his home in Nashville. Byard on Wednesday explained how the harrowing experience unfolded, beginning with his wife, Clarke, waking him up at 10:30 p.m. with contractions that quickly grew in intensity.

Byard said he went downstairs to prepare the car for their trip to the hospital and called their doula, telling her to meet them there. Moments later, Clarke told her husband to pick up the phone

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Dad Life — A Special Delivery

Kevin Byard and his wife, Clarke, recently experienced something that many couples who have newborns would consider non-traditional.

It was not according to the game plan, but the Byards delivered Kevin Leon Byard IV at their home on August 23. It will not count to his interception total, but the Tennessee Titans Pro Bowl safety made what he can consider the biggest catch of his life, when his hands brought the child into this world.

Byard told the exhilarating story during a virtual press conference with media on Wednesday.

“It’s one of those deals where we couldn’t make it to the hospital,” he said. “My wife was having pretty bad contractions. I actually feel asleep because they ended up subsiding and I thought the baby was going to come the next day.”

But then things changed.

“She woke me up at about 10:30 having contractions. She was on the bathroom

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Braun’s aesthetics come to life in this chair design!

When Dieter Rams said “Good design is as little design as possible” – these words became the holy grail that every industrial designer would swear by. While the Braun legacy covers electrical appliances with its distinctive design language, designer Nikhil Kapoor wanted to bring that language to the world of furniture design – giving birth to the Braun Chair!

The first thing that catches my attention while looking at the chair is the simplistic nature of the design – reducing the essence of a chair to an almost z-shaped curve! The backrest of the chair uses a grill-based pattern to allow for ventilation while paying homage to the speaker grill’s widely used in Rams’ designs for radios, clocks, and kitchen appliances making them quietly understandable and agreeable. Keeping in tune with the philosophy, there are seemingly modest elements that uplift the chair – one such is the use of a

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Tim Allen on the ‘Last Man Standing’ cast feeling like family: ‘It reminded me of real life’

Tim Allen is a family man on and off the screen.

The comedian spoke with Fox News about his show “Last Man Standing,” in which, he plays a father of three — a role that reminds him of his own life.

Allen, 66, has two children himself: Katherine, 31, and Elizabeth, 11.


“The Santa Clause” star said that he and his castmates find it “startling” that they’ve completed eight seasons of the show, which is also how long his hit sitcom “Home Improvement” ran.

Tim Allen and Nancy Travis in the 'Last Man Standing.'

Tim Allen and Nancy Travis in the ‘Last Man Standing.’
(Michael Becker / FOX)

“Although [the ‘Last Man Standing’ cast] doesn’t replace the wonderful the beautiful ‘Home Improvement’ family that I still am close to, this family is now, we’re empty nesters,” Allen explained to Fox News. “Everybody at

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