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These 5 ingredients add up to an easier-to-clean kitchen

A new kitchen characteristic has eased into home owners’ lists of must-haves since we all started staying home.

And “ease” has everything to do with it: easy-to-clean kitchens, that are just as easy to maintain, have won new respect.

Going back 20 years, kitchens were beautiful and required a lot of upkeep — think pristine marble countertops that were prone to staining and scratching, or stainless-steel finishes that showed every fingerprint.

But new products and materials combine beauty and performance with minimal upkeep. Here are five to consider:

1. Quartz countertops. The engineered stone consists of stone chips, pigments and resins that combine to form a surface that’s impervious to spilled wine, oven-hot dishes and sharp knives — without the need for periodic sealing. Quartz also comes in an array of beautiful designs, including faux-stone patterns, so you can have the look of marble (or granite or soapstone or concrete)

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