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Hedley & Bennett review: sturdy aprons used by chefs

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Hedley & Bennett/Instagram

  • Hedley & Bennett is an apron and chef’s gear brand created by a former line cook who hated the cheap and flimsy aprons used in professional kitchens. 
  • By contrast, Hedley & Bennett’s aprons are made from durable, breathable, beautiful materials, with thoughtful details like large, two-layered pockets, reinforced straps, and brass hardware. 
  • We tried two aprons and one work shirt from the brand and loved the quality of construction and attractive look. 
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When shopping for your kitchen, it’s easy to get caught up in what cookware and kitchen appliances to buy, or which cookbooks to stock your shelf with. But you can’t forget about the simple accessories that have a big impact on your cooking experience.

Take, for example, the humble and hardworking apron. 


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