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The Best Home Office Gear For Virtual Back-To-School

School’s in session! Well. School at home. The pressure is on for kids to go back to campus, but with Covid spikes showing up at every university and school district dashboards around the country lighting up with cases within days of opening, it seems that there was a very good reason why we shut down schools in the spring.

So maybe that “kids don’t get Covid” trope was really more of a “we didn’t shove kids together, so they didn’t catch Covid from each other.” 

School at home isn’t easy for the kids or for you. But at the very least you can make a comfortable, happy, and most of all, safe space for your kids to ease back into the school year. 

Humanscale Nova Light

Good lighting is crucial to a productive

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Five Below CEO Joel Anderson on back-to-school shopping this fall

Five Below CEO Joel Anderson told CNBC on Wednesday that the discount retailer has seen positive signs from back-to-school shopping despite the coronavirus pandemic shifting many districts across the U.S. into remote learning arrangements this fall. 

“The merchants did a great job pivoting, and we’re seeing a great back-to-school season, albeit it’s very different than the traditional season — all about backpacks and pencils,” Anderson said on “Closing Bell.”  

Instead, Anderson said, consumers have been favoring items that can help make learning from home a more enjoyable experience for children who live in places where in-person instruction has been canceled or delayed. 

“Depending on the state, the municipality, they’re going back in their homes and they want to create an environment that makes school comfortable being at home, Zooming,” he said, referencing the videoconferencing provider Zoom.

Back-to-school shopping is a critical period for many U.S. retailers, but the changing dynamics

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