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Need to feed a family with differing dietary requirements? Here are some flexible ideas | The Canberra Times

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It’s a fact that most parents these days cook multiple meals at meal time, due to a rise in dietary requirements. It might be down to gluten and dairy intolerances; it could be for moral or environmental reasons, not to mention people just wanting to be more healthy and reduce the amount of meat, sugar or saturated fat they eat. Jo Pratt is a busy food writer, cook, food stylist and presenter, as well as a mother of two children, and she knows what it’s like to feed a busy family with different needs. The Flexible Family Cookbook is full of simple and delicious recipes to keep the whole family happy, each with suggestions for flexible adaptations for each recipe to account for allergies, intolerances and lifestyle choices. Traybakes and one-pot roasts make for easy and convenient timesavers, whilst scrumptious puds and simple bakes help get smaller hands

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Bruna’s Cheese Bread Moves From Food Truck to Cottage Bakery

“It’s a bread meant to be eaten fresh out of the oven,” says Bruna Piauí Graf, founder of Bruna’s Cheese Bread. “It can be good later, but I don’t suggest that.” Brazilian pão de queijo — or cheese bread — are savory puff pastries made with gluten-free tapioca flour and cheese. They’re served everywhere in Brazil, and now, thanks to Graf, here in Denver, as well.

Graf says she started Bruna’s Cheese Bread because she couldn’t find good pão de queijo in Denver. In 2019, she used the bread as inspiration for a food truck serving Brazilian sandwiches. But when this year’s pandemic ended plans for owning the food truck, Graf turned to selling the pre-made dough as it’s often found in Brazil: frozen and ready to be baked in the oven.

Pão de queijo originated in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The key ingredient, tapioca flour, comes from

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Chef profile – Bruce Elsworth of Skipton cafe-restaurant Elsworth Kitchen

This year has been difficult for most in the hospitality industry, but imagine what it has been like for a young business having just invested so much in starting up.

Monday, 28th September 2020, 11:45 am

BAGGED TO GO: Bruce has diversified to develop new revenue streams at Elsworth Kitchen.

Bruce and Rebecca Elsworth, at Elsworth Kitchen in Skipton, were getting their feet firmly on the ground and growing in both popularity and reputation when lockdown was called.

Bruce is well known for his years as chef director at the Angel at Hetton, and between him and Rebecca, they have over 30 years in the business which has hopefully helped them weather what lay ahead for them on that fateful day in March.

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The two-storey café-restaurant is incredibly versatile with a menu taking you

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Spice Kitchen’s chef Abudu hosts fundraiser Yemeni children

Abudu from Kafe Mamai was joined by Spice Kitchen from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Salt Lake City to raise money for Yemen.

Abudu works to prepare food that reflects his African-Caribbean cuisine, including cinnamon-dusted plantains and bhajia.

Photo: Ali Myers/IRC

Meals center on our culture, our ideas of home and family, they open up the community to a broader table. Sitting down to eat together can be powerful. Of all the questions that come up when opening a food business, though, Abudu of Kafé Mamai acknowledges that ’why’ is the most complex. For Abudu this may be especially true. While he loves to share his “culture and experience,” he is also passionate about using his small business to support others in his local community and around the globe. In August, Abudu worked to organize a fundraiser in support of Yemeni children. 

Abudu, like several others who are aware of the Yemeni crisis, has felt called to action. Yemen lies at the center of concurrent crises. While war threatens the lives of citizens,

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Officials preview ideas for choice neighborhood transformation, remind that residents need to remain at the center

Upcoming initiatives in Newport News’ Marshall-Ridley neighborhood transformation efforts may include a seafood market, commercial kitchen and funds to help homeowners spruce up their properties to go along with new apartments and replacement of Ridley Circle apartments.

As officials reviewed building plans and progress, they expressed several times they needed to focus on the residents of the neighborhood.

The City Council held a work session Sept. 15 to discuss the Choice Neighborhood Initiative.

Ricky Burgess, a city councilman in Pittsburgh, advised the Newport News council to remember “(this) process is not primarily about housing — this is about transforming families and helping families so they have a greater chance at success.” Along with housing, Burgess, who helped lead choice neighborhood transformation efforts in Pittsburgh, said new construction there involved community and resource centers, access to transportation and a new charter school.

The council agreed that the focus is not just

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Home Decor ideas to take from actor Tamannah Bhatia’s home; see photos inside

Fans tend to take a lot of inspirations from our celebrities when it comes to outfits or shoes or their hairstyle. Amid the lockdown, many of our celebrities have been working from home and giving a sneak peek into their luxurious abodes through social media updates. Actor Tamannah Bhatia has also been sharing a lot of videos from her home which gives a glimpse of her home decor. Take a look at some inspiring home decor ideas from Tamannah Bhatia’s home. 

A sneak peak into Tamannah Bhatia’s home decor

Couch & Coffee table

One of the most important things to keep when it comes to home decor is the couch and the coffee table. Tamannah Bhatia opted for a brown coloured couch, in her living room. To match it, she went for dark brown cushions. Along with the couch, the actor opted for a glass coffee table. The contrasting colours

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8 Backyard Halloween Party Ideas For You & Your Housemates

This year, you’re having an intimate gathering for Halloween and inviting only your two or three housemates. Together, your roomie crew is staying safe at home on the spookiest night of the year and having a very exclusive shindig in your own backyard. Since Oct. 31 is going to sneak up on us, you’re already thinking of underrated backyard Halloween party ideas and attempting to put some details in place amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Look no further than this list we put together for you and your main boos. It’ll deck out your backyard with funky skeletons and crafty jack-o’-lanterns, and make sure you have a full itinerary for the night. Setting up a social media-worthy movie theater in your backyard will let you all watch the classic films you grew up with, like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus. Brewing a mocktail or two in a plastic cauldron will prep

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11 kitchen garden ideas for gardeners with tiny spaces

Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Anne Nyaga during the launch of Kilimo kitchen garden project in Nairobi. [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

In capitalism one eats food they pay for. You pay for the food from your pocket or by farming it yourself.

On Tuesday this week, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperative, launched the model kitchen garden developed in collaboration with Scaling up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA Kenya).

“Kitchen gardens are the easiest ways households can ensure inexpensive supply of fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and other plants,” Anne Nyaga, the Chief Administrative Secretary, said at the event.

The model kitchen garden, located at Kilimo House in Upper Hill, Nairobi, is the centrepiece of the call by the Government for families to cultivate home-based gardens, “at least one million kitchen gardens across the country,” Nyaga said.

Affordable food at home

“The focus is not only to make food available

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Shoe Storage Ideas – Small-Space Shoe Storage Solutions

Let’s face it—revamping your shoe storage isn’t nearly as exciting as overhauling the pantry. Restacking your spices is an instantly gratifying, Instagram-worthy project, but the shoes you hide in the back of your closet just don’t seem as pressing.

In my case, I have a run-of-the-mill shoe rack that often stands partially barren, because of course, I leave my shoes everywhere but their specific place. I haven’t addressed the issue, either, because it’s always been just functional enough to ignore. I’m upgrading to a bigger closet though, and I’m officially in the market for a new solution.

So, unless you’re a cast member on the Real Housewives with a color-coded walk-in closet, your shoes probably don’t get the space and attention they deserve. Below, we’ve rounded up storage options from the classic to the unconventional. Bonus: They look cool, too.

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Roseville’s Cru Chocolate tastes sweets success


Karla McNeil-Rueda and Eddie Houston, founders of Cru Chocolate, at their home, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020, while roasting cacao for the coloclate they produce at their home based cottage business. The cottage industry allows for entrepreneurs like McNeil-Rueda and Houston to make and sell an approved set of food goods from their home based endeavors. Following traditional methods from her home county, Honduras, paired with modern equipment, McNeil-Rueda says their unique chocolate tells a story of the places they’ve been and the people they’ve met.

Your first memory of chocolate depends on where you are from. It might be the milk chocolate of a Hershey bar melting on a s’more at Girl Scouts camp. It could be standing on your tiptoes to carefully pour Toll House chocolate chips into a bowl for a batch of grandma’s homemade cookies. Or it could be in the traditional manner that

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